Recruitment in a better way

Scientific matching that helps people and employers meet. And have fun together.

Unbiased recruitment

Our automatic analyses help find the best person for the job. Regardless of what how they look, sound like, or how they write.

Discover opportunities

Happyr recognises the potential in different personalities. And how great job seekers and employers can thrive and develop together.

Scientific matching

Let scientifically proven tests match personalities, unique qualities and skills with workplace cultures and role requirements.


Relevant interviews

Our scientific analyzes of both employers and jobseekers result in a much higher proportion of relevant interviews


Shorter process

By automating large parts of the recruitment process, our customers save time and money.


Longer employments

Our customers who have a high turnover of staff say employees stay longer.


Pay per recruitment or ongoing

From 0 kr
Our range of services is built to suit your needs, your knowledge and experience of recruitment. You can choose to do the whole job yourself or collaborate and benefit from our skilled employees in recruitment, design and copy. The price varies from 0 kr to higher amount depending on the content of the service.
Job seeker

Always free for job seekers

Always 0 kr
It is free for job seekers to search for jobs, make themselves available for work or register with Happyr.