Who is best suited for the job?
And who will thrive the most with you?

Bias is human. But often they will make hiring difficult. Happyr gets it right straight away. We let scientific analyses match the right person with your organisation – and the role you are hiring for.

Services & prices


For you that only recruits from time to time.

  • Anonymised ranking of candidates for unbiased recruitment
  • Automated administration
  • Value-based testing
  • Personality and G-factor tests
  • Customized job profiles

* Price

  • Percent of salary: 0% per recruitment
  • Per user: 0 kr per user


For you that recruit more that 5 times a year and want a better way to manage your candidates.

  • Anonymised ranking of candidates for unbiased recruitment
  • Automated administration
  • Value-based testing
  • Personality and G-factor tests
  • Customized job profiles
  • Measurement candidate experience
  • Complete survey tool
  • Complete survey tool

* Price

  • Percent of salary: 0,8% per recruitment
  • Per user: 199 kr per user


For you that recruit often and want more advanced analysis and support.

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How it works


Describe yourselves and the role you are hiring for

Answer a few questions about the role you are trying to fill and the workplace climate and culture in your company. That way we’ll know which skills and characteristics we should match against.

Automated adverts

The job ad generated by Happyr is based on our analysis of your business and what type of person you are looking for. You can easily customise the ad and share it to job boards and social media channels.


Unbiased and relevant selection

Are you ready to meet the best candidates? Happyr will provide you with a list of candidates based on how closely matched each candidate is. The candidates have completed a scientific test which gives us a clear view of how their skills and personalities match your needs. A completely unbiased selection! At the same time, you don’t need to trawl through masses of applications. After all, it’s only the relevant ones that are interesting, right?

A professional dialogue

Get a clear overview of all your candidates and interview guides customised for each person you meet. All candidates will also receive automated responses. Just decide who gets the job, we’ll take care of the rest!


What do others say?

Lennart Sundin

"We recruit 5-10 employees each year and we have tried all traditional ways earlier. With Happyr we have finally got a safer candidate choice and a very user-friendly and efficient recruitment process! We are not big enough for our own HR department and with Happyr, our managers do not have the administrative work."

Lennart Sundin

Annika Rückert

"We have used Happyr for some recruitment and must say that the work method has facilitated my work and the accuracy has been remarkable."

Annika Rückert
OP Administration

Conny Coldevin

"We are a small technology company in strong expansion. With the help of Happyr, we have increased our quality in recruiting. Several people who searched for the job commented that we felt professional and that it increased our interest in us as companies."

Conny Coldevin

Do you want to talk to any of our customers? Contact us and we will introduce you.

The science

Psychometric tests

In order to accurately match individuals with employers, Happyr uses modern psychometric tests, among other things. With the tests we can measure the individual's motivation, attitude, personality and culture, as well as the value and organizational culture of the employer. With these measurement points, we can create profiles for the individual and the organization. Our algorithms match the two profiles and employable candidates are recommended.

Validated success profiles

In order to continually improve our matching methods, we continually validate all our claim profiles. Validation is done using the data we collect through the use of Happyr. This means that anyone who recruits with Happyr helps together to make the accuracy of the match higher. The more happies are used, the better it will be.

Can you trust a test?

Psychometrics are difficult and many try to create good tests that unfortunately succeed. There are organizations that review and assess tests. In Sweden, the former STP, the Foundation for Applied Psychology, has had that role, but now Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL) is examining tests in Sweden. In order for a test to be certified, it requires high levels of validity and reliability. Happyr always uses tests that you can trust.


  • Psychometry: A method of measuring / evaluating tests that say to measure the psyche / personality.

  • Validity: In general, it can be said that you really measure what you want to measure. In work psychometric testing it is crucial that a test result has a high correlation with reality. In psychometric testing, results are calculated between 0 to 1 and where a value of more than 0.5 is considered to be high.

  • Reliability: expresses the accuracy of the measurement. For example, the result should be the same for repeated measurements and regardless of who performs the test. Since personality is relatively stable in adults, a good personality test should yield close identical results over a long period of time.