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With our AI and machine learning algorithms we can now predict which candidates will thrive at their new position.


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HappyrMatch - The technology

Since 2012, with just over a million matches, we have developed our digital job matching solutions and can now predict by machine learning which candidates will flourish with you.

HappyrMatch is based on AI technology created to match the right individual with the right employer. Data is collected from several different types of tests done by both individual and employer. Matching is then done by algorithms analyzing both the individual and the employer. Examples of factors that are analyzed are personality, driving forces, problem-solving ability and values / culture.

Each new match uses lessons learned from previous recruits through feedback from candidates and employers. Machine learning gives our matching algorithm higher precision for each recruitment completed.

HappyrMatch - Partners

You can use our dream candidate algorithm in your current ATS or HR system. See all our partners in the list below.

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