Reduce the risk of failure

Imagine a future where you don't have to worry if the new hires will be successful or not. If they fit into the role or your culture. Sometimes it will be a perfect fit, other times it will be "just" fine. But it will never be wrong. 

Happyr can make that future happen.

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Recruitment is a great responsibility

Everybody talks about the cost of hiring the wrong person. Considering invested time and money but also loss of income and possible a damaged brand. One must also consider the health of the person who ended up the the wrong workplace and other employees that train, manage and ends the relation. Recruiting is not only about money, it is also about people's well-being. 

Happyr helps you to minimise risks and take responsibility for the recruitment process.

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We care about you for the full process

Before recruiting
During recruiting
After the recruiting process
Before recruiting
During recruiting
After the recruiting process

Preparation with a requirements profile

With our digital requirements profile created by industry experts you can create a good foundation for your recruitment process.

Digital and human competence combined

With our unique matchning technology you can decide for yourself if you want to use our AI matching algorithms for thousands of recruitments or if you want to create your own match profile based on your experience. Our recruiters are available if you want to discuss the results with us. 

Recruit with culture

Create a culture project to assess and evaluate your organisation's culture. Then automatically use this information as a target profile when recruiting to make sure your candidates will be a good fit in your workplace.

Follow-up after hire

Use the dashboard to evaluate the result of your tests, your recruitments and your recruitment process. All the results are anonymized and collected by our AI algorithms so you and hundreds of other recruiters can be more confident doing your jobs. 

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