How do you decide who to hire?

The small businesses are the ones that drive Sweden forward - it's here that jobs are created. But it's also the small businesses that have to fight the most to find the right employees. While larger businesses have had access to advanced recruiting tools for years, small businesses had to rely on their personal network for candidates, advertise wherever they were able to afford it and do their best to find time to read CVs and do interviews.

We believe that small businesses deserve more. That's why we built happyr - a recruiting tool built on the very best methods and tools - so easy to use so that anyone can recruit like a professional.

1 Job description? Done already.

Select industry, role and get a job ad template ready made for you. Customize it as needed and you're ready to share the job opening within minutes.

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Saving 2 hours of your time otherwise spent writing job ads.

2 Create once, share where you like.

Choose which services are relevant for you and with one click we'll publish your search to all the relevant portals. No extra work needed.

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Saving you form the hassle of setting up more accounts and rewriting the same information.

3 Best applicants on top of the list.

All your applicants are sorted by how well they fit to your job. How? Based on a personality test that's set up to match the role you are looking for.

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Saving you from a mess of applications without a clue which candidates are a good fit.

4 Know what to ask which applicant.

Personalized guide for every applicant with good questions to ask when you meet them for the first time.

Extra feature: interview booking system.

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Saving you from the headache of interview preparation.

5 Easily leave a great impression.

Once you have made your decision: make your hire (we've even got you covered with a contract template). We'll inform all non-hired applicants about the process.

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Saving you from forgotten follow-up mails and unhappy applicants.

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