On this page, you can find out more about all the smart features in our plans. Pro is designed for experienced recruiters with a deep and broad knowledge of recruitment and ongoing recruitment needs that want the benefits of a modern, unbiased and scientific way of working. Pro offers a system that is self-learning and offers its users access to advanced insights as well as close personal customer support.


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Main features

Values test

The first level of a scientifically developed test that matches the employer's jobseeker's value base. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the test. Further levels are available and can be supplemented. With the help of the value-based test, you have the opportunity to evaluate whether the applicants fit in with you and have the potential to enjoy themselves.

Recruitment tool

A complete recruitment tool for managing and executing a recruitment in a user-friendly manner. Everything from posting ads, direct publishing in different digital channels and social media, managing selection and communicating with candidates.

Direct Advertising

Through Happyr's recruitment tool you can publish job adverts for free on Arbetsförmedlingen, your own website, and career site as well as in your own social media feeds. You can also easily purchase additional exposure and post your ads in channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Blocket Jobb, Metro, Monster CareerBuilder, and more.

Recruitment guarantee

Because our match is based on scientifically proven tests, a recruitment guarantee includes different lengths depending on which package you choose. The Premium package includes a 6 month warranty from the date you indicate that your employment begins. The warranty will expire if you terminate an employee that you have recruited via Happyr. In return, you may make a new equivalent recruitment without being charged for this.

Other features


To increase the degree of open-minded recruitment, you make the first selection of interesting candidates completely anonymously without knowing the name, age, sex, ethical background or CV (if requested) on the applicant. This means that you make the first selection based on how the applicant matches your values, how their personal characteristics match the criteria of the job and their answers to qualification questions and interview questions. In this way, you reduce the risk that you let prejudice control when choosing candidates for interview.

Career site

A career website with you as an employer that you can link from your website with various completed headings and areas where you can put up information about working with you, what positions are available, which career paths are possible, vacancies, job surveillance and education etc.

Job alert

One way to make sure you get many applicants when publishing ads is to use the job monitoring feature on your website or career page. The applicant can in advance make a part of the application for different positions and then informed by e-mail when a service becomes searchable and can then quickly complete its application. The Pro package includes free publishing of unlimited number of positions.

Job advert templates

To save time and get a nice design, there are ready-made ad templates with suggestions for texts for up to seventy different positions. The ads can be changed as you want them where you can add your own photos, logos and texts. The Pro package includes psychometric job profiles that are used to measure how well the candidates' personality suits the job that you announced as an employer.

Advertising Happyr Job board

Each job advert you post will, without additional charge (depending on your plan) visibility on the Happyr Job Board. In our Pro plan, job advertising for 60 days per advert is included.

Jobseeker advice

To ensure that you get more applicants, all individuals who previously searched for work through Matches match your new ad. The match is based on the individual's own interest and is based on variables such as value base, personality, interest, potential, etc.

Document upload

There are different ways to allow applicants to provide information about their education and experience. You can choose whether to let the applicants upload documents or to enter the information in a web form.

Candidate communication

The service includes automated answers to the applicants and partly the opportunity for you to continuously throughout the recruitment process to communicate via mail linked to different events. In conclusion, you can endlessly thank those who did not get the job.

Location description

Using Google, there are various features that are used to describe where the candidates and the job are, maps that describe the workplace and to match geographic parameters.

Interview guide

A well-designed guide with interview questions that will help you professionally conduct an interview. Specific questions are created depending on the results obtained by the applicant in their tests.

Interview scheduling

A good way to save time and to arrange the interviews is to use the "Intervjokokning" function. With it you can contact those you want to meet, follow where in the process they are in the meeting and then automatically get the bookings in your and your colleagues' calendars.

References through surveys

Performing good reference contacts is difficult and time consuming. With the "References" feature, you get a clear visual summary of the surveys that you ask the candidate to send to their referrals. Based on the answers, you can proceed directly or afterwards contact the referrals you deepen the dialogue with.

Employer size

Happyr is designed to suit all sizes of employers. From one (1) workplace to hundreds. There are also features for creating chains of all kinds regardless of industry or size. Happyr has a structure in which levels of rights can be distributed to different users.


Personality test

By using scientifically proven personality testing and validity test with high validity when recruiting in Happyr, you automatically get your searchers sorted based on how employable they are. This means that you will interview the right people who have the opportunity to fit in with you. Depending on the position of course, formal skills can also be crucial.

Problem solving test

A problem-solving test describes the applicant's ability to solve verbal or logical problems. If you combine a personality test and values test with a problem-solving test, you will get a very high level of matching precision.

Visible psychometric scales

Test results will be visualised as graphs. If you have completed Happyr's user training, the graphs will be visible and you can perform deeper analysis and gain a greater understanding of your candidates ahead of interviews and hiring decisions.

Tailored job profiles

If you need to create additional customised job profiles for personality tests, outside of the available standard profiles, we offer workshops where stakeholders from your organisation can attend. The custom job profiles can then be used in the same way, but only of your users. Through our learning process we can also measure the success rate of the profiles and adjust accordningly.

Matching score

With a clear score you easily get a good picture of the potential of an applicant to enjoy your stay. Matching points are shown for each test, ie, value base test, personality test and g-factor test as well as weighted results of all tests.

Standard job profiles

The job profile forms the basis of the match made in the personality test between applicants and employers. We have, together with a large number of employers, developed job profiles that you can choose from. When you, as an employer, first made the test that reflects your value base and then combines it with a standardized job profile, the accuracy of the sample will be very high based on what you need.

Additional tests

If you need to do one-off personality tests or problem-solving tests, these can be purchased through the webshop. The test results will be handled the same way they would in a complete process. Usually very valuable as second opinions, internal hires or recommendations from connections.


Media analysis

Through the "Media Analysis" feature, you can follow through which of your marketing channels the applications came in. You can also see the qualifications of the candidates from each channel. Through the analysis you can over time see which channels work best and give the best candidates per investment.

Candidate insights

With out statistics feature you can perform deep analyses on your candidates, for example; age, education, geography and more.

Candidate experience survey

In order to improve the recruitment process and on-boarding process continuously, a survey can be sent to the new employee after the employment has commenced. The survey is also an important signal to the employee that the employer wishes to improve.

Survey tool

Through the "Survey Tools" feature, you can use the survey templates that are done, adjust them or create custom templates. Examples of templates are Candidate Experience and Satisfaction Survey, The results are presented in graphs that can be sorted at different levels of your employer.

Single surveys

If you only need to use single questionnaires or want to create your own survey, you can purchase these via the webshop.


Depending on which service package you choose, there are different forms of education. It is via video, website and mobile app.